Old Cement Factory in Norway Stuck to K-array



For years after its opening in 1892, Christiania Portland Cementfabrik was the only cement plant in Norway while Sekkefabrikken was the designated factory to make bags for the cement produced there. Once the cement factory closed down in 1989 after almost 100 years of service, Sekkefabrikken was established as a concert venue and theatre stage for the community.


They bought their first K-array system, a KR402, in 2012. After two years of great results with the system, organizers at Sekkefabrikken wanted to renew their technical setup for the main stage and the local authorities issued a tender for the installation.




After much consideration and fierce competition with brands such as Meyer Sound, L’Acoustics, Nexo and Electro Voice, the final choice landed on the new KH2 and KS5 in the Concert Series line from K-array.


Comprised of five KH2 slim line array elements and two KS5 subwoofers per side (including one backup each), the main system covers both the audience area in front of the stage and in the mezzanine above. Thanks to the new FIRmaker software and the FIR-filters in the built-in DSP, the system is able to achieve an exceptional area of coverage which simply would not be possible with a traditional line array system.

 sekkefabrikken 05


Although the layout of the hall is similar to a walled pit, the sound is well balanced and evenly distributed and the extremely powerful KS5 delivers plenty of low-end for the audience area that accommodates 850-1000 guests. There are also two KP102 speakers mounted on each sidewall of the mezzanine as fill speakers, 6 meters of Anakonda as front fill and a total of six KF12 monitors, all powered by KA24 and KA84 amplifiers.


"We quickly fell in love with the portability and power of our KR402 system upon arrival three years ago, and this is the main the reason we wanted to consider a new system from K-array among the competing brands. The new system has really exceeded our expectations, especially with its extraordinary coverage of our audience area and we couldn’t be happier!"

Thorstein Horne, Administrative director of Sekkefabrikken