K-array at Vogue Brazil Carnival Party

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Vogue Brazil’s annual carnival party has become a must-attend not only during carnival season but for the entire year. With Africa Pop as the theme, this year’s edition had one more reason to be on the list of main events for 2016: besides the presence of artists, celebrities, models and performances by Carlinhos Brown, Fáfa de Belém and the sensational Ludmila, the party counted on K-array for the PA, monitoring, delays and ambient sound much to the delight of the party goers.


Hired for the second year in a row, MX Sound Light Designer brought the Italian manufacturer’s systems as a way to offer power and quality without restricting the event’s visual aesthetics.


“At this kind of party, the organizers put great efforts towards the decor, so every time we start to implement a loudspeaker system, it’s a struggle with the production staff."

Maurício Pinto, owner of MX Sound Light Designer


In this aspect, K-array enhanced the production even more.


"The fact that they are extremely compact helps a lot in solving this integration issue. At the end of the day, when the scenographers see the dimensions of the speakers, they are immediately pleased with their small stature."



For the main PA, MX used sixteen KH15 line array elements, seven on each side plus two in a central array. The system is composed by two neodymium 8” speakers and 1” driver, has its own DSP module and responds within 70 Hz to 20 kHz reaching 130 dB of max SPL. For the low frequencies, the company used four KO70 units in an arc array delivering 136 dB SPL from 25 Hz to 120 Hz. Two more KH15 units were used as a delay at the back of the bar.


Given its discretion, the quality and power is simply surprising:


"I already knew K-array and I’m always impressed by the amount of sound pressure that these small units can deliver. We used a Firenze system at a gig in Europe and the power was so high that we actually set off car and house alarms!"

Benito Martinez, Carlinhos Brown FOH engineer


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Center stage


The event monitoring also was a big challenge since a lot of drums and metal instruments are on stage creating a high sound volume scenario. As part of the solution, MX placed four KR402 systems as a side fill in two L + R lines, one in the front of the stage for the main singer and the other at the back for the base instruments.


“We chose this portable system due to its small size which made it capable of blending in with the stage decoration."

Maurício Pinto


But apart from appeasing the event organizers, the system satisfied the musicians and engineers as well.


"This is a impressive system when we speak of quality and power."

Renato Coppoli, monitor engineer for Fafá de Belém


According to Coppoli, the presence of this side fills were essential to give some weight to his artist’s voice:


"Fáfa came to the sound check, sang and left without asking for any modifications. When an artist like her, who is very demanding, gives me the ok, it’s because the system passed the test".



The KR402 units are composed by one subwoofer element, the KMT21, that is used as a base and responds from 30 Hz to 150 Hz with 132 dB SPL. Mounted above it was the KP102 sound tower that is made of 12 neodymium 3,15” speakers and delivers 128 dB SPL from 100 Hz to 20 kHz. The KP102 line array was also being used in a stand alone mode in the entrance hall for the ambient sound reinforcement in a very discrete way.


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Collecting admiration


After collect praises from the attendees and crew, the K-array worked until the sunrise without any problems making Vogue’s Carnival Party the prove that you do not need tons of huge equipment to deliver a great sound.


“We are very satisfied. Next year I hope to bring the K-array again to this party,” said Pinto.