K-array Concert Series System Gets Good Reviews at Guitar Music Festival in France

k-array concert series system at music festival


Guitare en Scene is a niche music festival in the small town of Saint-Julien-en-Genevois situated in the French Alps, featuring world class guitarists who play for an audience of 5,500 people. This year, the festival celebrated its 10th anniversary with performances from international talent such as Santana, Twisted Sister, Joe Satriani and Dweezil Zappa, and featured K-array’s flagship line Concert Series on the Village Stage.


During setup, working conditions were extremely difficult for the installation team as continuous torrential downpour plagued rehearsals, but the following four days of the actual festival were a different story as the weather relented and the K-array system excelled.


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Twelve KH5 compact line array elements were paired with eight KS5 subwoofers displayed as a four stack of two in the middle, spaced center to center. Two KH2 loudspeakers were used as center fill. With a prestigious lineup at the Village Stage, engineers and respected industry professionals alike took note of the system.


"I really pushed it, but never felt that it was about to run out of steam. I had all the clarity, punch and dynamics I was looking for."

Antoine Secondino, FOH for Eric Gales, American blues-rock guitarist


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Technical director for the festival, Cedric Courieux from Le Bureau Productions said of the KH5 speakers:


"They provided excellent coverage of the space, even at 50 meters from the stage. We could hear the entire frequency range."

Cedric Courieux, Le Bureau Productions


He added of the KS5:


"With the subwoofers, their setup at minus 15dB provided more than enough and the results were amazing. They reached all the way to the back of the audience."



phoca thumb l kr802 portable system


On a separate, smaller stage, the festival also employed a KR802 portable system with the line array of two Kayman loudspeakers flown on each side with the two KMT218 subwoofers located centrally.


With so many great performances and positive feedback from their peers, K-array’s French distributor, Appel Electronique Industries, could only be pleased with their efforts and satisfied with the end results. The performances flowed naturally and were musically dynamic, which is what the engineers valued most:


"The system provides extremely good response with equal energy over the entire audience area. I hosted several FOH engineers throughout the festival and we all felt it was a pleasure to work with the system."

Antoine Secondino