APAC Distributors Host Pro Audio Training in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore

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The first week of September saw Italian loudspeaker manufacturer K-array performing a string of pro audio training and demo events in Malaysia and Singapore. Beginning in Kuala Lumpur and hosted by its distributor, Nextrend, a two-day K-academy was attended by distribution partners from neighboringSingapore Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, and a select few of their clients.


“We wanted to arrange these audio technical training seminars in the APAC region to reinforce our committment to educating our clients, existing and potential, about our unique products and innovative technologies,” said presenter Daniele Mochi, K-array’s project consultant, “And we will continue doing so on a global scale.”


Joined onsite by K-array’s director of sales APAC, Marc Vincent, and customer service manager Daniel Strassera, Mochi’s detailed explanations of K-array’s Pure Array Technology (PAT), Electronic Beam Steering (EBS) and Slim Array Technology (SAT), paired with in-depth examples of system design and setup, including the manufacturer’s dedicated software solutions, as well as EASE Focus, provided plenty of tips and tricks for both portable and installed applications.


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"Learning about K-array’s specific FIR filter optimization and beam steering capabilities will prove to be very useful for audio technicians and future projects,” confirmed Tran Quang Huy, technical sales and A/V project consultant of Bac Dau Group in Vietnam.


A stage and a wide variety of K-array products set up by Nextrend let attendees experience the systems hands-on and, of course, listen to them:

"It’s absolutely worth the effort,” stated Shawn Teoh, Nextrend’s general manager. “For us as a solutions provider to high-quality projects, K-array’s unique designs and sound quality are ideal.


The third day in KL was K-day, attended by more than 70 people from the local industry, enjoying product demos with recorded material, as well as a live band on stage, again moderated by the K-array team.

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The K-array trio then travelled on to Singapore, where its distributor, Loud Technologies Asia (LTA), had set up for a K-Day. Approximately 60 local consultants, SIs, rental houses and venue personnel participated in technology presentations and demos of K-array Lizards, Vypers, Anakondas, Pythons, Dragons and more.


"We’re very happy with the turnout," said LTA’s president Colin Quek about attendance. "We look forward to equipping more venues with K-array, which proves to be perfect for our market here."

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"The achievements of this week are clearly showing that, with Nextrend and LTA, we have the right partners,’ concluded Vincent. "We are ultimately thankful for their support and engagement towards their clients and K-array."


Article and photo credit: Thomas Mittelmann of Pro AVL Asia Magazine