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white nightclub dubai sound system

installation description

  • White Nightclub Dubai, located at the Meydan Racecourse Grandstand rooftop, is the only nightclub in the Middle East ranked among the top 30 clubs in the world.
  • The club hosts three different themed nights each with its own floor layout and AV setup to create an entirely different experience every night. Club owners required a homogeneous, high SPL sound in the venue adaptable to the different setups.
  • A Firenze system with 6 clusters of Firenze-KH7 loudspeakers and Firenze-KS8 was distributed in respect to the DJ booth location depending upon the night's setup: each console has an L&R cluster composed of 3 KH7 speakers connected in vertical orientation, creating a 3.6-meter-long cluster.
  • Delays were applied to the subs to accommodate the distances between the top clusters and sub and the system was tuned to create accommodating sound even at really high SPL: an average of 132dB was registered across the entire venue when playing at nominal power.
  • The project and simulation were done using EASE FOCUS 3 and FIRmaker, creating 4 FIR filters that were uploaded in each loudspeaker to optimize the coverage and create a really homogeneous SPL and frequency response distribution all over the venue.
  • The system's sleek design integrated seamlessly into the layout and Dubai skyline backdrop.

audio solution

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"The sound in the club is like having headphones on your ears. Wherever you move to in the club, you get the same high-fidelity sound."

Tony Haber, one White Nightclub owner

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