PM Maslak 1453 Restaurant and Lounge

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location Istanbul, Turkey

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installation description

  • Recently opened in the heart of the Maslak Financial District of Istanbul, PM Maslak 1453 is a special concept restaurant and lounge boasting the most distinguished flavors of world cuisine.
  • After 1:00am, the restaurant transforms into a lounge and hookah bar where guests enjoy music and entertainment at the Çukur Club inside the venue with a different DJ live music performance every night.
  • To meet these multifarious requirements, distributor Lotus Technology recommended a versatile system comprised of Kobra loudspeakers and Thunder-KMT18P subwoofers controlled by Kommander-KA84 amplifiers for their range, design and performance.
  • A KF12 is used as a DJ monitor and a Pinnacle-KR402 portable system is used for live performances.

audio solution

Prodotti Scheda Tecnica12 Line1 Prodotti Scheda Tecnica42 Line1 Prodotti Scheda Tecnica23 Line1 Prodotti Scheda Tecnica40


"We like very much the products and service that Lotus provided; they really enhance the experience. And we hope they will help us bring a lot of success to our new concept!"

PM Maslak 1453 Club Owner

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