Starker Bistro

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location Singapore


installation description

  • At Starker Bistro, a large amount of money was invested in creating an elaborate, European-influenced design interior to reinforce its authentic German heritage and brewing tenacity.
  • The owners wanted a sound system that truly represented the form and function of the venue and enlisted Luther Music PTE LTD to provide a system that was easy to operate and easily hidden.
  • With many restrictions on the method of installation and speaker location, a K-array system was employed that avoided drilling and neatly hid from view.
  • A Tornado-KT2 and Rumble-KU26 solution was presented and easily won immediate approval with its sleek Italian design and proven performance.
  • 12 units of the Tornado and 3 units of the ultra-slim Rumble subwoofers were selected for their quality and compact size.

audio solution

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"K-array was selected simply because it had the right mix of high quality sound and was not a visual hindrance to the restaurant’s theme."

Luther Ong, president of Luther Music

distributor       K-array America