Taiga Beirut Nightclub

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location Sodeco, Beirut


installation description

  • Taiga Beirut is a leading nightclub known for its unique blend of Arabic and English pop music, live solo performances and a spectacular lineup of DJs.
  • Emphasizing the importance of sound quality given its reputation for great live performances, Taiga owner's entrusted suppliers Prolites to provide a state-of-the-art audio system.
  • A super compact main PA comprised of two clusters of three Mugello-KH2 line array elements per side accompanied by six Dragon-KX12 12” coaxial speakers and two pairs of Thunder-KMT21 and Thunder-KMT18 subwoofers were installed.

audio solution

Prodotti Scheda Tecnica56 Line1 Prodotti Scheda Tecnica12 Line1 Prodotti Scheda Tecnica25 Line1 Prodotti Scheda Tecnica28


"The system’s unique size-to-power ratio, its sleek, compact design, in addition to its clear powerful sound made the KH2s a clear choice for the main PA."

Georges Germanos, Technical Manager at Prolites

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