St. Thomas More Parish

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location Melbourne, Australia

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installation description

  • St. Thomas More is a Catholic church in Mt Eliza, a suburb near the southern tip of greater Melbourne.
  • Seating around 150 people, the spacious auditorium hosts masses several times a week and other church functions and school events.
  • Carl Pellegrino of Reflections AV was approached by St. Thomas More with a simple brief — bring the church’s "clunky" audio and visual system up to scratch.
  • Lacking up-to-date equipment, the church required a thorough revamp of its AV to better service those who regularly use the space.
  • Acoustically, the room posed a challenge in producing clear, intelligible audio without stirring excessive reverberation due to the glass windows and brick walls.
  • With the help of the NAS Projects Team, Carl designed the perfect audio upgrade for the church: a set of Kobra-KK52 line array elements as the main PA paired with the Rumble-KU26 subwoofer to fill out the lows, powered by a single Kommander-KA24 amplifier.
  • Custom color finishes made K-array an ideal fit for St. Thomas More’s church hall as the leadership was keen on a system that didn’t command much attention or turn into an ugly ‘black box on the wall’ look.
  • As the client wished, the new installation at St. Thomas More is appropriately discreet and effortlessly covers every seat in the auditorium with clear sound.

audio solution

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“The K-array speakers, brackets and subwoofer were all selected by the church to colour-match their brick wall and they tie in beautifully with that,” says Carl. “It’s a really compact, clean design. When people come in, they can’t tell where the sound is coming from.”

Carl Pellegrino, System Designer at Reflections AV

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