Weatherproof speaker systems - Quality audio even outside

Picture it…

…A crowded stadium full of fans. The curtain rising on the main-stage theater. An open air discotheque filled with club-goers. A one-night only concert for the band of the year. At the center of them all? Lively, pulsing music that brings everyone together.
…A theme park full of heart-pounding rides. A television studio broadcasting the latest programs. An open space that represents a meeting place for fun and entertainment for all walks of life. The common factor? A complete audio experience including special effects.
…A bustling hotel with traveling businessmen and women and tourists alike. A trendy restaurant with the town’s hottest chef. A business center flowing with guests. In the heart of it all? A pleasing background melody, the chords of a singer and the riff of a guitar.

Now open your eyes!

External factors, such as adverse weather conditions and environments with high humidity should not ruin these special experiences. With acoustic elements that are weatherproof, waterproof and solid from a structural perspective, K-array has designed products fit for outdoor installations to provide for customers who are required to install a system that can confront rain and hail and snow and ice on any given day.

The secret...

INTERNALLY: the cones inside the speaker undergo specific treatments to render them resistant to water. This ensures long-term performance for every type of application, especially outdoor settings.

EXTERNALLY: the frame’s resistance, even in the most extreme weather conditions, is possible thanks to the use of durable and sturdy premium materials such as stainless steel and aluminum, which protects from high volumes of humidity, snow, rain and water.

IP: The insurance from these hardships is the IP (Intrusion Protection) certification featured on our products. Specific and authenticated tests have shown that our speakers are equipped with a high level of resistance to dust and water.

There’s no limit to the sound!

The typical weather variability does not affect our reproduction of quality sound. By the pool, on a boat at sea, in the middle of a sand storm, during a snowfall in the mountains, immersed in a damp, dense fog or during a strong storm: whatever the conditions, the sound keeps on and at a high quality of performance!