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21 Octubre 2019

K-array Welcomes New Distributor Akustika Swara Indonesia


K-array welcomes new partner Akustika Swara as exclusive distributor for Indonesia.

Established in 2007, Akustika Swara will serve as acoustics consultants and contractors and provide acoustics manufacturing materials and acoustics measurements for the Italian brand.

Akustika Swara is a member of the Acoustical Society of America which allows them to always stay updated on the latest information and knowledge in the industry. They are also committed to the highest level of quality work and their projects are located around the world.

"We act as system integrators but different than most in Indonesia. Basically, we are an engineering company not a trading company," says Vicky Halim Maulana, Akustika Swara CEO. "We not only sell loudspeaker boxes, we design, calculate and analyze challenges to find the most effective solution for our clients."

"We are glad that Akustika Swara joined to the K-array family. We are looking forward to developing in this country," affirms Marc Vincent, Area Sales Director - APAC.

K-array is available at PT Akustika Swara Indonesia located at Ruko Amber 2 Blok B, No.3, Zona riviera, Sangiang – Tangerang, Banten – Indonesia.

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