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03 Agosto 2020

Musica in Giro Orchestra Concert in the Streets of Florence


On Saturday August 1, 2020, the first concert of the Musica in Giro was held behind closed doors at the Verdi Theater. The format, created by Luigi D’Amico, was in collaboration with Stefano Zaccaria VP Global Sales & Marketing of K-array, who were the main supporters of the initiative, along with Toyota Material Handling Italy, Simai, and Tab Italia.

Maestro Beatrice Venezi, directed the Orchestra della Toscana, in the execution of her first album MY JOURNEY - Puccini's Symphonic Works, published by Warner Music Italia.

At the opening, D’Amico explained that following the difficult period in which the world is living due to the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, the purpose of "Musica in Giro" is to give a little contribution to return to the some sort of normal, offering people entertainment in compliance with anti-assembly rules. The project - continued D’Amico - was achieved thanks to the main sponsors who together have created CRICKET PE30, the first fully electric vehicle with professional equipment on board for audio diffusion.

It is in fact that from this partnership between Toyota Material Handling Italia, Simai, Tab Italia and K-array, companies of undisputed Italian excellence, a solution of innovation and effectiveness, imagined by Zaccaria in full lockdown, has come to fruition to support the reality facing the events sector, especially in this difficult moment where it is needed to reinvent itself in terms of services and products.

In fact, the two CRICKET PE30 vehicles were among the protagonists of the event as they broadcasted the entire concert in live streaming by following two distinct routes throughout the streets and squares of Florence. One of these started from Piazza Santo Spirito, to pass through some of the most beautiful spots in the center of Florence, such as Piazza Pitti, Ponte alle Grazie, Via Tornabuoni, Piazza della Signoria and Piazza Santa Croce.

The other, started from Piazza dell'Isolotto then continued in Via Torcicoda, Via Modigliani and Via dell’Argingrosso.

At the passing of the strictly 100% electric "caravan", to the people on the street, to those who were looking out the windows, and those who were out for a walk, everyone was able to listen live to the concert directed by M° Beatrice Venezi and expressed their appreciation for the initiative by taking photos, videos, and even dancing along with the notes that came streamed from the Verdi Theater.

Florence Deputy Mayor Cristina Giachi was present on behalf Mayor Dario Nardella and Councilor Tommaso Sacchi via video link with a pre-recorded greeting, where she expressed the pleasure to have co-promoted, as a Municipality of Florence, the “Musica in Giro” format in the context of the Florentine Summer 2020 and thanked the main sponsors for providing an extraordinary gift to the city of Florence which provided Florence the possibility to enjoy live music events once again.

The CEO of Toyota Material Handling Italy, Leonardo Salcerini, also spoke at the opening which he said he was very satisfied with having decided to invest in this new format, and in
particularly in the launch event in the city of Florence, to which he is very fond.

M° Venezi said that the concert was a "journey" not only through the streets and squares of Florence, but also in the symphonic music of Giacomo Puccini. Venezi expressed her appreciation for the initiative and for the fact that the debut of the format was classical music.

In fact, she said she considered the project a concrete response to a period of great difficulty for everyone, including the theaters, which in this period cannot accommodate many people. Though in perspective - concludes Venezi - when you hope it will be possible to return indoors and fill the audiences, with the format "Music in Giro", you can reach an ever wider audience. M° Venezi started the concert by dedicating the first song to all Coronavirus victims.

Two Florentine companies also contributed to embellishing the launch event: the Maestro wore a beautiful dress from the historic brand, Salvatore Ferragamo, and she directed the concert thanks to a conductor's baton, specially created by master goldsmith, Paolo Penko.

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