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05 Agosto 2020

K-array Launches New Uniqueness Campaign

alex neriUNIQUE

K-array has launched a new advertising initiative that places a higher importance on people rather than their products to celebrate end users in their professional roles.

K-array’s new campaign Uniqueness describes performers, engineers, integrators, designers and many other hard-working professionals in the entertainment industry to shine a light on their accolades and storied careers as a thank you for believing in and contributing to K-array’s success now, more than ever, in these difficult time given the current global health crisis.

Above all, the Uniqueness campaign identifies those professionals who produce exceptional work and by recognizing the benefits of employing unique audio solutions have partnered with K-array to further distinguished themselves as leaders of innovation in their respective sectors.

These professionals include Beyoncé FOH Rick Camp, yacht designer Francesco Paszkowski, DJ duo Nervo, sound engineer Daniele Tramontani, Latin Grammy winner Mariano Beyoglonian, long-standing Ushuaia nightclub DJ Luciano, Claudio Baglioni FOH Maurizio Nicotra and many more.

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