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Havana Grand Theater

Havana Grand Theater


  • The Gran Teatro de La Habana opened in 1838 and is home of the Cuban National Ballet and the International Ballet Festival of Havana.
  • Recently, the theater underwent an audio renovation and installer/distributor All Trading Worldwide selected K-array to outfit the theater.
  • Using simulation software, the system was designed to have the most even and powerful coverage for all seating while maintaining the lowest visual impact possible.
  • The K-array solution is composed of 8 Python-KP102 line arrays plus a half- meter Python-KP52 loudspeaker arrayed on both sides of the stage opening as the main system supported by four Thunder-KMT18P subwoofers per side.
  • 3 Anakondas-KAN200 were chained and implemented under each balcony to reinforce the sound coverage of the first seats closest to the stage that are aligned with the main system.
  • 2 KP52 loudspeakers supported by a Thunder-KMT12P subwoofer were set for the same purpose for the upper balcony.
  • 6 Anakonda-KAN200+ were installed in front of the stage as front fill powered by a Kommander-KA84 amplifier.
Gran Teatro 3

The installation was so precise and well-executed that Beta Music received an award for their efforts from K-array at their annual distributors meeting for Best Theater Installation.

Gran Teatro 4
Gran Teatro 5
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