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Hammock Festival

Hammock Festival

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  • The Hammock Festival is a two-day music festival featuring several genres like pop, rock, folk, rap and reggae, where attendees camp in tents or suspended hammocks in the wilderness of Gamlestølen park in Norway.

  • The festival’s nine DJ sets took place in The Fusebox, the name given to the main stage in a 21 x 9m tent.

  • Dinbestefest.no was brought on board to design and install both lighting and audio in just under five months so they quickly connected with distributor First Audio and designed a system comprised of two clusters of two KH5 loudspeakers per side paired with six KS5 subwoofers - a first for an event in Norway.

  • For DJ monitoring, a Axle-KRX402 system was implemented to give the artists all the sound they needed when the KH5 system was in full use.

Solución de Audio

Hammock Festival 3

We wanted a sound design with a good amount of bass for the electronic music that was going to be played at the festival and, at the same time, a system that would produce an excellent sound quality so that all the details in the music production would really move the audience.

Mads Gudem ChristensenDinbestefest.no
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