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Luce Della Vita Nightclub

Luce Della Vita Nightclub

Clubes Nocturnos y Bares

  • Above the historic Shanghai Concert Hall on the 4th floor of the same building is the star quality Italian restaurant and mega nightclub Luce della Vita with an opulent interior design that takes inspiration from post-modern Rome.
  • To match their ambitions to create a high-class hotspot in Shanghai that wows guests with great food and spectacular DJ lineup, owners required the help of a powerful audio solution that would beat through the core of the clubgoers yet, on the other hand, blend into the aesthetics and create relaxed experience for diners in the restaurant.
  • It was a complicated task to avoid crossover with two extremely different audio requirements, but the sound team was confindent in the options K-array provided.
  • For the restaurant, a combination of Python-KP52 and Python-KP102 loudspeakers were positioned discreetly in the corners and on the walls of the room with the low end provided by Thunder-KMT18P subs flushed within the walls and powered with Kommander-KA24 and Kommander-KA84 amplifiers.
  • The system was set high in frequencies to avoid conflicting with the powerful audio coming form the club.
  • For the club 8 Firenze-KH8 loudspeakers were installed around the room with 8 KS8 subwoofers positioned below in the walls. This configuration and contrast of speakers did not have any impact between either room which was made possible with the electronic beam steering capabilities that directed the sound.
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The client was concerned that there would not be enough low frequencies and requested more subwoofers until the team turned on the KS8 before opening and the owners were in complete shock, they could not believe the power of the subs. In fact, just a few weeks after opening the local district asked for the bass to be turned down and after a plea from the owners, we have recently returned to reduce the low frequencies to keep everyone happy.

Harley TaoProject Manager
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