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Migas Mercados Restaurant

Migas Mercados Restaurant

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  • Eduardo Gutierrez knows a thing or two about good sound from working in one of Ibiza’s legendary nightclubs. So when it came to equipping Migas Mercado, his new Spanish restaurant and music venue in Beijing, he turned to K-array.
  • Migas Mercado recently moved to China World Mall in central Beijing from its previous location with the iconic CCTV building and city skyline providing the terrace backdrop, which stages al fresco nightly DJ sets.
  • Sound requirements for the bar/restaurant was to have decent SPLs while ensuring that conversation could still flow, and speaker cabinets didn’t overwhelm the décor. Additionally, a raised VIP dining room which doubles as a stage for regular live music nights needed to be suitably equipped.
  • Four Kobra-KK102 loudspeakers, four Kobra-KK52 loudspeakers, two Rumble-KU212 double 12-inch subs, two Rumble-KU210 double 10-inch subs, and two Rumble-KU26 double 6-inch subs were installed in the venue. 6 Tornado-KT2 2-inch point sources speakers provide extra coverage where needed.
  • The entire indoor system is powered by Kommander-KA14, -KA24 and -KA84 amplifiers.
  • Outdoors, a further eight Kobra-KK52 line arrays and four Rumble-KU210 subs have been teamed up with four Domino-KF212 double 12-inch full range speakers and four Thunder-KMT18P 18-inch subs driven by Kommander KA24 and KA84 amps.
  • The system has been zoned into four areas for restaurant background music, indoor DJs, terrace DJs and live music from the stage, respectively.
  • Control over the individual zones was accomplished via the use of Kommander amplifiers used to power the system.
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Thanks to the digital processor inside all our amps, so we can easily carry out signal routing as well as adjusting the level and the EQ. Outside, the Dominos can provide full range sound in nearfield. It's a traditional design but using neodymium magnetic drivers, so while the cabinet is thin, it's very powerful.

Jason ZhouTechnical director at K-array China
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