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Puradies Luxury Resort Hotel

Puradies Luxury Resort Hotel

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  • Puradies is an exclusive eco-friendly 4-star resort that draws upon its natural surroundings using wood from the alpine forest and serving organic produce and products from the farm.
  • Interior architect Christoph Piffer and system engineer, K-array product specialist Karl Wienand collaborated on the design of the system.
  • Selected for their ability to integrate perfectly with the modern style of the country house architecture, K-array’s loudspeakers were installed in numerous areas throughout the hotel.
  • In the main bar and lounge, chained Anakonda-KAN200 speakers were chained and paired with Rumble-KU210 subwoofers.
  • In the smoking room, a Vyper-KV50 system was installed with a Rumble-KU210 subwoofer.
  • In the library, a system of Lyzard-KZ12 mini line arrays were hidden among the bookshelves.
  • For the two restaurants, another system of Lyzards were installed with Rumble-KU44 subwoofers.
  • The system in the Beauty and Wellness Center called for an astounding 25 Tornado-KT2CW point sources plus a Rumble-KU44 sub.
  • All the systems were powered by a combination of amplifiers in the Kommander line.

Solución de Audio

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We are really happy with the installation and excited that the guests can enjoy both the calming winters and beautiful summers here at Puradies with the highest quality audio solutions and all the other luxury amenities we have implemented to ensure a wonderful alpine experience.

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