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Westin Hotel Perth

Westin Hotel Perth

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  • Westin Hotel is one of Perth’s new luxury accomodation spots located in the heart of the CBD. On the ground floor of the 368-room five-star hotel sits Garum Restaurant, owned by celebrity chef Guy Grossi.
  • As part of the $2m AV fitout of Westin Hotel, two outdoor areas within the venue — the hotel terrace and the alfresco outside Garum Restaurant — required an audio solution for providing background music.
  • The brief was threefold: the solution had to sufficiently cover the area with a ±1.5dB SPL variance, it had to be IP-rated to withstand the weather, and it had to look good. In addition, there was a limit on how much spill could be tolerated as a the Garum’s front entrance faces an apartment block.
  • The beam-slatted roofing in Westin Hotel restricted the type of speaker integrators Stokes Technologies could install, but fortunately the narrow width of the Python-KP52 loudspeaker, along with its precise dispersion, made it fit literally like a glove.
  • Stokes Technologies modelled the environment in EASE Focus to ensure the Pythons could achieve the correct coverage from the limited positions in the roof due to the architectural restraints.
  • Four Python-KP52 loudspeakers were mounted at a height of 6m above the hotel terrace, with the Spot setting providing a dispersion of 10° to fill a 20m-wide area with a ±1.5db variance in coverage.
  • For Garum Restaurant’s outdoor space, two Python-KP52 loudspeakers were mounted at a similar height under the eaves.

Solución de Audio

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Once we added all the requirements together — the sound variance, the IP rating, the shape and coverage of the area, as well as the physical dimensions of what would fit — the Pythons were pretty much the only thing we could put in there. Most importantly, the KP52 sounds the business – the sound quality is really excellent. The first time I heard it was with a sung track with female vocals. It sounded really special, a lot better than just a background music speaker.

Aaron MitchellEngineer, Stokes Technologies
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