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K-array Certified Designer

30 Mayo 2021

The goal of this course is to provide guidelines for the design of fixed installations featuring K-array products from the Installed Sound catalog, with much time dedicated to project examples and sound design techniques.

Chapter 1
- Approaching the Design Process
- Column Speakers feauting Pure Array Technology
- The Longer the Farther
- PAT Column Speakers Applications
- PAT Column Speakers Vertical Dispersion
- Ceiling-Mount vs Wall-Mount
- K-array Unique Approach to Theaters
- Anakonda

Chapter 2
- Spot or Flood?
- 00:29:30;Mounting Height
- Stereo vs Mono in Hospitality
- Domino Full Range Speakers Applications
- Where to Find K-array Brochures & Catalogues
- Low Frequency Enhancement Devices, a.k.a Subwoofers
- Outdoor Applications and IP Rating
- Marine Proof Speakers
- EVAC Systems - EN54 Certified Speakers
- Customizations

Chapter 3
- Amplifiers Intro
- KA02 Amplifier & Azimut Systems
- A New Generation of Amplifiers
- Amps-to-Speakers Matching
- A Project Design from Start to End
- K-framework 3 Acoustical Simulation Software Intro
- EASE Acoustical Simulation Models
- A Free Software to View Speaker Acoustical Data
- Capture Microphones
- Rail

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