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How to Get the Most Out of the Smallest Audio Solutions Ever

01 Abril 2021

An engaging insight into K-array’s most discreet audio solutions, the Azimut systems. In this complete tutorial you'll learn how to position and install the speakers, how to wire and control the amplifier, how to manage the network and bluetooth settings and much more.

1. Components and Applications
2. Speakers position and installation
3. Connecting the speakers to the amplifier
4. Connecting the audio sources
5: Wireless/wired remote and Bluetooth pairing
6. Azimut Control Interface
7. Internal player and audio settings
8. Network and Bluetooth settings
9. Local Streaming
10. System control and firmware update
11. GPI
12. Output configuration and routing
13. Azimute remote app
14. Integration with Creston, Control4
15. Troubleshooting

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