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Auditoriums and Concert Halls

Optimizing sound dispersion for a very versatile system

Prodotti consigliati:
Firenze, Mugello, Mastiff, Kayman, Pinnacle, Anakonda, Capture

Fitness and Wellness

From relaxing in a spa to keeping rhythm in a spin class, our solutions will assist in creating an overall positive well-being experience.

Prodotti consigliati:
Domino, Kobra, Python, Rumble, Tornado

Houses of Worship

Compact column speakers to uniformly cover long chapels and large naves.

Prodotti consigliati:
Anakonda, Kommander, Python, Kobra, Vyper, Rumble, Pinnacle, Turtle, Capture

Large Congregations

Appealing to the masses through highly powerful and intelligible acoustics

Prodotti consigliati:
Mastiff, Mugello, Firenze, Capture, Kayman


A symphony of highly intelligible audio solutions

Prodotti consigliati:
Python, Kayman, Pinnacle, Anakonda, Event, Rumble, Thunder, Turtle, Capture, Kommander

Musei e Spazi Espositivi

Visual displays abound, audio should be only heard and not seen

Prodotti consigliati:
Azimut, Lyzard, Tornado, Vyper, Kobra, Rumble, Kommander, Domino

Event Productions

In the realm of event productions, the equipment required for a successful event is as important as the event itself.

Prodotti consigliati:
Axle, Anakonda, Event, Kommander, Thunder


Discreet audio solutions with variety of sizes and audio output

Prodotti consigliati:
Rumble, Kommander, Azimut, Lyzard, Tornado, Vyper, Domino, Kobra

Transportation Facilities

High-performance systems that provide clear spoken word to make travel easier

Prodotti consigliati:
Tornado, Rumble, Anakonda, Vyper, Kobra, Python

Broadcast and Studios

For live TV or in the studio, we've got your solution

Prodotti consigliati:
Mastiff, Python, Capture, Rumble, Kommander, Turtle, Dragon, Vyper

Stadium and Sport Venues

A winning combination of high-power performance and complete coverage

Prodotti consigliati:
Firenze, Mugello, Dragon, Axle, Kayman, Anakonda

Nightclubs and Lounges

Easily-adaptable systems with top-end performance

Prodotti consigliati:
Firenze, Dragon, Axle, Thunder, Mugello, Mastiff

Theme Parks

Weather resistant audio solutions for outdoor use, day-in and day-out

Prodotti consigliati:
Python, Kayman, Dragon, Lyzard, Axle, Domino, Dragon, Kommander, Tornado, Vyper

Hotels and Resorts

Discreet systems that provide desired comfort and a credible hospitality experience

Prodotti consigliati:
Kobra, Python, Azimut, Lyzard, Rumble, Vyper, Kommander, Tornado, Domino

Ristoranti e Cafe

Diners expect not only a good meal, but also a pleasant experience. Remarkably to chefs, audio plays a significant role.

Prodotti consigliati:
Python, Rumble, Tornado, Kobra, Thunder, Azimut, Lyzard, Vyper

Concerts and Live Events

High performing live sound guaranteed a loyal fan base.

Prodotti consigliati:
Firenze, Mugello, Mastiff, Axle, Pinnacle

Boardrooms and Conference Rooms

Progressing the conversation

Prodotti consigliati:
Python, Kobra, Vyper, Capture, Thunder, Turtle, Kommander