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23 Maggio 2019

K-array Hosts Series of K-academy Workshops in China

K-array's K-academy took its teachings on the road throughout China for a week of seminars in Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai that covered Large Venue Sound System Design hosted by K-array China.

At each stop, K-array China were able to give attendees a complete K-experience with product presentations and demos of its Installed Sound, Portable Systems and Concert Series lines. Alex Tatini, president and co-founder of K-array Global, and live sound product specialist of K-array Global, Klaus Hausherr, were present to provide a detailed introduction to the Italian manufacturer's product design concept for large venues. In particular, the K-academy trainers explained the advantages of Electronic Beam Steering, Pure Array Technology and Slim Array Technology featured in their loudspeakers from a technical perspective and included real time demonstrations using EaseFocus software based on FIRmaker in K-array speaker tuning.

Furthermore, other relevant industry experts were invited to provide an encompassing approach to sound design, including Mr. Zhu Heng, a well-known engineer in the field of architectural acoustics, who presented on the relationship between the acoustic environment and the electroacoustic system. The relevant national standards and design concepts were explained and greatly welcomed by the audience, in addition to Beyerdynamic wireless system engineer Chen Yugong's presentation which technically explained the necessity of frequency planning, provided relevant data to explain the current wireless frequency environment, and introduced the antenna setup technical points in the system construction.

In Hangzhou, a K-array Concert Series setup was on display outdoors to allow the audience experience the uniform coverage and high performance sound. And at VAS Livehouse, the site of the K-academy in Shanghai, top talent Italian singer Alessia gave a special performance on a system of Mugello-KH2 loudspeakers.

"The tour was a great success as we can really sense the passion and interest from one of the biggest markets in pro audio industry," says Tatini. "We would like to thank all the participants and related associations for their enormous support. We also thank Beijing audio company Maxteam and Shanghai VAS Livehouse for providing first-class venues!"

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  • 01 Maggio 2018 K-array Presenta un Nuovo Distributore in Grecia

    Dal primo giorno ho cercato di lavorare con K-array e diventare il loro punto di riferimento in Grecia," ha spiegato Asproulis. Il design unico e il suono di qualità di K-array non possono essere messi in discussione da nessuno. Il nostro obiettivo è offrire soluzioni di alto livello ed effettuare installazioni in tutto il territorio greco. Grazie agli stretti rapporti con la nostra vasta rete di rivenditori, saremo in grado di fornire K-array in ogni parte del paese.
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  • 09 Aprile 2018 K-array Annuncia La Nuova Partnership con Avitel Group in Portogallo

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  • 25 Febbraio 2019 K-array Appoints New Area Sales Manager for Latin America

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  • 11 Settembre 2018 K-array China Kicks Off in Italian Style

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  • 13 Dicembre 2018 K-array Launches K-array USA

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  • 01 Maggio 2018 K-array Promuove un Trio nel Team Commerciale

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  • 20 Dicembre 2018 K-Opening Shows Off Brand's New Look

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  • 01 Aprile 2018 K-array Annuncia un'Interessante Evoluzione della Rete Vendita

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