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05 Dicembre 2018

K-array Welcomes New Philippine Distributor Westco

K-array is finally making waves on Philippine shores with local partner Westco. By teaming up with Westco, the Italian designer of audio solutions has partnered one of the country’s top and leading electrical engineering services firms, led President Engr. Roddy Peñalosa. The partnership marries the strength of both parties: K-array’s innovation and unique design and Westco’s expertise and technical know-how.

To officially launch the brand, an exclusive unveiling was held on November 8 at the Vu’s Bar of the Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas. Mark Vincent, Sales Director – APAC, and Daniele Mochi, Project Support Specialist & K-academy Manager from K-array Global joined the city’s top influencers and Manila’s renowned engineers, architects and interior experts to enjoy the customary K-array experience of a night filled with beats and bass, high quality sound and a touch of Italian refinement.

“When the audiences realized the power and capacity of the offerings, it became clear how K-array can figure in the Philippines’ booming spaces,” says Vincent Jason V. Peñalosa, Westco VP Sales & Marketing. “The needle of the K-array compass is innovation and they have the ability to understand clients’ needs by realizing products once considered unimaginable. They are quick to install and light to handle, providing an abundance of time and cost savings. We are excited to work with them and see much success in the upcoming year!”

K-array is available at WESTCO Electrical & Equipment located at 8F 68 Kalayaan VCP Building, #68 Kalayaan Ave, Teacher’s Village West 1101, Quezon City.

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