K-array Solutions Change The Business Model For LIV

K-array is transforming the shape, sound and substance of business for award-winning London-based integrator, LIV. K-array’s unique range of ultra-compact, high-performance line array speakers alongside RAIL, the breakthrough lighting and audio innovation from sister brand, KSCAPE, are providing a jaw-dropping attraction at LIV’s key showroom destination, opening up conversations and generating multiple new project opportunities. LIV believes firmly in the power of collaboration. In London, the company has partnered with decorative lighting brand, Cantelo Lighting. The partnership has seen K-array enhance the experience for visitors to the Cantelo showroom which is located in a prime spot within the Business Design Centre, Islington.

Rory Hackett, LIV’s CEO, takes up the story. “Within a limited space in the showroom, we wanted to create something that would make people stop and think, wow! When we first met with K-array we saw their potential. K-array is a trusted brand, thanks to their background in live events, and in the residential space they are doing something very different to other speaker brands. There’s an aesthetic, performance and sensibility that we just haven’t seen anywhere else.”

Working with K-array’s UK and Ireland distributor, 2BHeard, LIV specified two K-array Lyzard-KZ14R I ultra-mini line array speakers either side of a large Samsung LED screen in a media room styled area within the Cantelo showroom. K-array’s Lyzard speakers feature a 2.8 x 10.6 x 1.1cm milled aluminium enclosure which houses 4 x long-excursion neodymium magnet transducers for a total weight of just 59g. The result is uncompromised audio performance with minimum residual noise as the KZ14 I Lyzard delivers a frequency response from 500 Hz up to 18kHz, providing clear audio reproduction and flawless intelligibility at a peak SPL of 98dB.

“With its size, great aesthetics as well as superior performance, K-array is a speaker brand that makes our lives so much easier,” says Rory. “The demo at Cantelo is mind-blowing. People cannot get their heads around the fact that a speaker so small is bringing them such a clear, richly detailed, room-filling sound. It’s already led to business for us in projects which would otherwise be difficult for traditional speakers and created new conversations with architects and interior designers about audio. No other speaker brand can do this for us in the same way. That’s why we’re partnering with K-array.”

To complete the full frequency range of the audio system at Cantelo, LIV have combined the Lyzard speakers with a Truffle-KTR25 subwoofer, driven by a Kommander amplifier from K-array. Elsewhere at the showroom, RAIL from KSCAPE, another brand within the K-array group, is making an impact. This pioneering product is the world’s first architectural lighting system to feature completely integrated professional audio and can be used in video conferencing, meeting or training rooms as well as in kitchens and other residential spaces where high-quality sound and illumination are essential.

“RAIL is another great smart technology innovation for us to display,” adds Rory. “It enables us to engage with clients and their project teams at another level. We can demonstrate RGBW colour-changing lighting control as well as a great audio experience from a single elegant linear strip. All the technology is easily integrated and controlled using Savant. The showroom tech is liberating for our business and is seeing us specify both K-array and KSCAPE on projects here and in the US.”

“LIV are early adopters of KSCAPE’s technology, and Rory and the team have a vision for the future,” says Tom Ríby, Global Sales and Marketing Manager for the K-array Group. “We’re a company that’s all about innovation. The more integrators see, hear and experience what we design and make, then the more it will empower them to do even more amazing work for their clients.”

Details on LIV are available at https://liv-technology.com. For further information and to arrange a K-array or KSCAPE demonstration, contact your local distributor who can also provide comprehensive training, sales and technical support.