Yacht Maiora 30 Walkaround

Are you aware of the benefits that quality sound can bring to luxury marine design?

The Maiora 30 Walkaround by NEXT Yacht Group has introduced an extraordinary design concept to revolutionize all the senses for guests within this luxury boat among the impressive forms and aesthetic expressions. The Maiora 30 Walkaround has an overall length of 30.50 meters with an innovative "walk-around" solution for the flybridge where one single level connects the external areas of the flybridge to the bow without stairs or uncomfortable openings. It was designed for a client who was looking for a unique experience for comfort and well-being without compromising on entertainment and out of the box thinking.

The Maiora 30 Walkaround, with its 30.5 meters in length, 7.5 meters in width and its inter-deck characteristics offers the owner and his guests large indoor and outdoor spaces. It owes its name to the possibility for all guests on board to walk on the flybridge - from the bow to the stern areas - in a total continuity, thanks to lateral corridors and large external surfaces, without structural impediments. Luxury is not only the value of the furniture or the comfort of the spaces, but it is the 360° experience that involves all the five senses and K-array worked together with NEXT Yacht Group to develop a complete audio system that covered each room of the boat to create the feeling of a real floating villa rather. 

The Maiora 30 Walkaround boasts modern interior designs with absolute minimalism, it is quite important that everything blends into the architecture, especially where entertainment is central to the room's activity, nobody wants to see a large black speaker box sticking out of the wall. But what if that sound was heard but not seen? What if the magic of professional audio just blended into the decor? 

Starting with the main room; home cinema, the new SAMSUNG Luxury LED for Home Wall” system has been installed combined with ultra-flat K-array Vyper-KV25 speakers nestled into the motif of the walls, wood and mirrors, which were installed to convey the idea of spaciousness - together with Samsung's modular The Wall LED TV technology.

The immersive audio experience is ideal for a high-performance DOLBY Surround sound system but also for listening to music generally as the height and distance are controlled intelligently with K-array technology for better comfort of listening for guests. Of course, the sun deck is made to enjoy the sunshine, party and dine in style which is why K-array installed Vyper-KV52 and a sub Rumble-KU212 for big sound with maximum discreteness.

The Flybridge is a wonderful design feature of the boat connecting everything on one level; however, it is complicated to install speakers on the hard-top. This is en-plein-air area measures from the bow to the stern 120 square meters. K-array made full use of the loudspeakers Vyper-KV52, for discreet use in a variety of intimate environments, on this occasion installed on the walls in RAL white as the yacht.

K-array’s products have now developed and refined custom finishing for Marine applications. Available in black, white and custom colors. The finishing can resist bad weather and oxidation caused by salt water and protect K-array’s premium materials like stainless steel and aluminum. The internal components are specially treated to repel water and avoid the pitting phenomenon. We make the cataphoresis treatment before the powder coating, or Ergal screws - a special aluminum alloy with mechanical characteristics.