Prevost Coach Motorhome

Traveling for a long time requires the right soundtrack and sound experience to keep you feeling motivated and energized. Hearing a certain song can take you straight back to a specific time and place of your journey therefore creating those unforgettable memories. The Prevost Coach motorhome, a type of self-propelled recreational vehicle (RV) offers mobile living accommodation. These vehicles offer all kinds of comfort, from an elegant design to a tranquil zen arrangement that contributes to a serene and relaxing journey and most of all, a comfortable holiday. Spaces are generous and livable but it was the high demand of minimalism that makes it challenging for any audio brand to be heard but not seen. K-array USA, our subsidiaries in the United States, together with Michael Hornsby from Nu-T3k (K-array USA Dealer) took the project in the way they know how to, by giving the client what they wanted; a clean sound system with ample bass and invisible. 

Only two Python-KP52, one of the most discreet passive speakers was enough to bring a serious sound system on board. The pythons were accompanied by two hidden Rumble-KU210 between the seats to isolate from the noise of traveling vibrations due to the roads, especially outside of the city. The placement was a challenge due to all of the bass traps inside of the coach. The result is one of sublime acoustic harmony with the power to create memorable sounds to every journey. An adventure with emotion and peace from the noises of the road.