Temera - Fashion Retail Showroom

Temera is the leading company for IoT solution in the Fashion & Luxury industry. The forward-looking vision, together with continuous investments in R&D, allows Temera to provide exclusive services to the world’s major brands including optimization of logistics and production processes anti-counterfeiting, grey/parallel market’s control, from Retail dynamic up to the need to provide increasingly pervasive and loyal experiences to the customer.

For their new Headquarters near Florence they asked K-array and KSCAPE to design an immersive audio and lighting experience for their their concept store.

The lighting and sound design at the Temera Demo Store was devised in close relationship with the architect Marialisa Basile, Pulirian and the Temera team.


Temera was looking to reproduce an immersive user experience at their fashion store: the delicate integration of lighting and sound sources should catch the attention of the customers within a particular area of the store or even better, programmed to create a specific experience for the product the customer is targeting. 

There were multiple challenges for K-array and KSCAPE regarding the store designs including the shape of the building however, the most important challenge was connecting seamlessly with all the technologies within the store. Temera asked K-array to design the lighting and audio to be suitable for both live events which would be held inside the room for product launches and networking opportunities while providing flexibility to quickly change back to the luxury retail experience for client visits.


Trying to satisfy all the needs that a retail space demands, RAIL, a 1.2-meter light track with integrated invisible audio is a tool that combines High-End audio and lighting in both diffuse and spot versions. Developed by K-array to meet its growing demand for unconventional audio solutions and focus on merging multiple perceptions, KSCAPE helps create new sensory experiences.

Inside the demo showroom set up in Temera headquarters near Florence, which presents all the characteristics of a real physical store, K-array has installed a total of eight black RAILs, of which four are models with electrified track on which eight adjustable spotlights are connected, ideal for a retail solution, so as to focus the light on the product, and the other four are models, more elegant and minimal, of highly efficient linears. 

The four output channels of the smallest of K-array amplifiers, the Kommander-KA02, is able to drive all eight RAILs, a Truffle subwoofer and the diffusion of the fitting rooms with Tornado speakers, thanks to sound processing via the DSP internal to the electronics. 

RAIL proved to be a great help to our ambitious ideas for the new headquarters showroom. We have to always go beyond our clients expectations, it’s the nature of the world we are in and having had looked at a variety of brands and products we could not seem to find the solution that could achieve this until we were introduced to RAIL, the idea we could combine both audio at such a high level and high quality light ticked all the boxes and we were really impressed with the results, it works effortlessly with our technology.

Irene Morinelli (Technical Marketing Director)