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KK200 3D line array element


3D line-array element

3d array loudspeaker element

  • Unique performance-to-size ratio
  • Vertical, Horizontal and 3D line-array applications
  • Multiple 2” long-excursion full-range cone drivers
  • Wide horizontal coverage
  • Selectable 4 Ohm or 16 Ohm impedance
  • Ultra strong steel shell

The KK200 loudspeaker is a very compact, 3d array loudspeaker element. In contrast to conventional low power 70-volt transformer based systems, the KK200 connects directly to the amplifier and is capable of producing high sound pressure levels while dramatically reducing distortion and easing installation requirements. It employs sophisticated 2” transducers capable to reproduce with a very low distortion a really wide range of frequencies with a considerable value of sensitivity.