Sound intelligibility that cannot ignore elegance. Professional mid-high frequency range audio devices in both line array and point source solutions

Ultra-miniature aluminum line array element

The Lyzard loudspeaker is a remarkable micro line array designed for discreet use in a variety of intimate environments.

Ultra-flat aluminum line array element

The Vyper line consists of the flattest speakers in the K-array portfolio and are housed in an elegant and resistant 2-cm-deep aluminum frame that features closely-spaced transducers which boast Pure Array Technology.

Flexible, 2-meter-long loudspeaker

Comprised of the KAN200, KAN200+ and KAN200+8, the Anakonda series is designed as a problem solver for situations where a traditional speaker box can’t be used, but where good intelligibility, ultra-reliability and a sleek design are required.

2" point source speakers carved from aluminum

Compact sound sources designed for high-quality distributed systems housed in an aluminum enclosure carved entirely from a single metal block which helps to disseminate heat produced by the loudspeakers and maximize performance.

Stainless steel line array element with 2" drivers

The Kobra line consists of passive speakers with closely-spaced transducers boasting Pure Array Technology housed in a sleek, durable stainless steel frame that produces natural quality sound.

Stainless steel line array element with 3.15" drivers

The Python is a discreet passive speaker comprised of closely-spaced 3.15" drivers housed in a resistant stainless steel frame featuring Pure Array Technology.

Stainless steel line array element with 4" drivers

Advanced line arrays with a sleek design in a stainless steel frame comprised of closely-spaced, full-range 4” sound sources to illustrate our innovative Pure Array Technology.

Full-range, passive stainless steel speakers

Our full-range line of compact, stainless steel speakers with plug and play capabilities that don't require presets and can be driven by any amplifier, perfect for applications with subwoofer restrictions.

12" coaxial passive stainless steel array element

The Dragon is a powerful point source that can provide high pressure when needed in the near field with a rapid depreciation once distanced from the source, to become one of the most useful tools for an installer.

Electronic beam steerable, powered line array speakers

Our flagship concert series boast impressive power, intelligible control and high quality with incredibly flat boxes, offering lightweight solutions that measure up to the highest standards in live sound.

Electronic beam steerable, state-of-the-art touring systems

Powerful touring systems with the ability to precisely and independently control each element of the array eliminating noise pollution and providing continuous, even coverage and featuring a compact design which allows sound to exit instantaneously without resonance.