Audio Technica HQ Canada

With a keen interest in new audio technologies, Audio-Technica asked KSCAPE to provide a lighting solution combined with a sound reinforcement system for their main boardroom situated at the heart of the new office complex. The main criteria was to create a new sound experience that blended into the aesthetics with efficient video conferencing sound and low glare. 

KSCAPE worked with architect studio Cleo Katcho who specialises in workplace environments to design the boardroom outfit. 


The challenge was the 2 glass walls surrounding the space for sound reverberation and providing enough light for a dynamic working space. 


K-array designed 3 lines of RAIL with a diffused optic configuration to provide light to fill the space evenly while illuminating the ceiling which can be dimmed and controlled depending on the needs of the room. For showcasing unique sound, RAIL also included integrated audio on the outside lines of RAIL providing an even and continuous sound coverage for presentations and video conferencing.



Audio-Technica has been expanding in Canada in every conceivable way, and the completion of our new office is an important step toward the next phase of business growth. KSCAPE has provided a unique experience for our employees and customers where we can tune into meetings easily. It just blends nicely. We look forward to continuing to serve new and existing customers from our new home.

Kenji Yamabe (General Manager)