Brasserie Joseph Cap 3000

With its splendid terrace overlooking the Mediterranean and its prime location in the Cap 3000 shopping center, Brasserie Joseph is a hub of life and socializing, where conviviality is enhanced by a gourmet menu and an elegant decor that seamlessly blend tradition and modernity. Prioritizing local sourcing, the chef and bartender carefully select fresh, high-quality ingredients to craft the dishes and beverages for various moments throughout the day. From breakfast to dinner, including snacks and aperitifs, there's a pleasure for every hour. On weekends, the evenings become festive with DJ sets.

Offering the best of Riviera living, Brasserie Joseph demanded a sound system as refined as its epicurean charm. The choice of integrator Envy Soul naturally fell upon Italian brand K-array's systems, which remain discreet with their sleek lines while delivering clear and warm sound with perfect consistency. They provide the necessary power for lively evenings and can also balance gentleness and clarity to pleasantly accompany meals and conversations. The 150m2 ground floor has been equipped with four Vyper-KV52 I speakers combined with two Rumble-KU26 subwoofers, while the 50m2 terrace features a Domino-KF26 speaker with salt air treatment.

For the 200m2 upstairs dining area, three Kobra-KK52 I speakers coupled with three Rumble-KU26 subwoofers ensure top-notch sound quality, while the 250m2 panoramic terrace is covered by two Python-KP52 I speakers, one Thunder-KMT18P, and one Anakonda-KAN200+ with salt air treatment.

Established over a decade ago, Envy Soul is a trusted name in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur integration market. They leverage their expertise and experience to serve both professionals and individuals.