Greek Theatre of Tindari

Can you spot the speakers? 

The audience at the tribute concert “Absolutely Ennio Morricone” held at the ancient Greek Theatre of Tindari in Sicily were hardly distracted by the performance; thanks to the compact yet uncompromising sound of the Pinnacle line by K-array. On stage was the pianist Gilda Buttà and the cellist Luca Pincini who have been historic collaborators of the famous music composer for some of the biggest movie productions. As soon as they began testing the sound they immediately congratulated the system for its quality. 

Then at the end of the soundcheck the diffusion that was exactly what they wanted. The most important requisite was not to alter the sound that came from the stage. Quick to install and light to handle, our Pinnacle line saves an abundance of time and cost while providing the most natural of high quality sound. Streamlining with just two columns of Pinnacle-KR402 and with the memorable music of Ennio Morricone, the experience was extremely immersive and equally fascinating.