Kailish Parbat Restaurant

Located on the southern side of Dubai Creek, Al Seef is a modern shopping strip with a distinctive shipping container-style design along a 1.8-km stretch of prime waterfront real estate. One of its latest restaurants to open is Kailish Parbat, serving Indian vegetarian cuisine. The spilt-level property has an open kitchen dining concept for families downstairs, while a bar entices patrons of a different persuasion with a live house band and DJ. With an outdoor rooftop area adding further diversity, the musical ambience was regarded as a vital part of the furnishings from the outset. As such, Procom Middle East was called upon to fulfil the entertainment technology requirements. The distributors were tasked to provide a high-power audio system that would be sleek and elegant in its design for the different needs of the three distinctive zones of the restaurant: background music, live and DJ. 

While providing more of a club feel upstairs, Procom had to be mindful of the neighbors, including the Saudi Arabian consulate, especially since the Al Seef developer enforced high standards upon its tenants, including strict building and electrical regulations together with lighting and noise pollution enforcements. To meet all these requirements, the team selected K-array loudspeaker systems for the indoor and outdoor zones. Within the club, DJs presiding over the Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 decks and live performers are reinforced by four ceiling-fixed Dragon-KX12 coaxial speakers thundered in the low frequencies to 30Hz by a pair of floor-standing KMT21 21-inch subwoofers. However, a more sensitive solution was required outdoors and, as such, five KK52 speakers fixed onto trusses by clamps are boosted by a pair of KMT18 subwoofers to provide the perfect accompaniment to spice, beer and tobacco. Located in the DJ booth, the upstairs passive speaker system is powered by single K-array Kommander-KA24 and KA84 amplifiers so should the owners wish to expand this current system, these two amplifiers still possess spare channels.