Nanxun Ancient Town

Nanxun Ancient Town, one of China's six renowned ancient towns south of the Yangtze River, is a repository of cultural riches. Considered one of the best-preserved ancient towns in the region, Nanxun dates back to the South Song Dynasty and is home to over 750 years of history and architecture. Both international and national tourists flock to Nanxun to experience the magic of yesteryear, and a recent night tour project aimed to elevate the visitor experience through the installation of a light and sound solution. KGEAR was chosen to provide an audio solution that could deliver reliable, high-quality audio in an outdoor environment.

The project, led by leading culture and sports audio and video integrator, Dafeng, was multifaceted, demanding a comprehensive sound system to cover an extensive tourist route extending approximately 2 kilometres through the town. The chosen audio system needed to deliver exceptional sound quality, withstand the rigours of outdoor conditions and be easy to access for maintenance. Moreover, it needed to be discreet enough to seamlessly integrate with the historic architecture that defines Nanxun Ancient Town.

A KGEAR solution was chosen for its sound quality, compact design and rugged durability, based on GH4 and GH12 loudspeakers. “For outdoor installations, we usually need to design a lot of waterproof enclosures to protect the equipment" explains Mr. Sun, System Designer at Dafeng. “With the IP certification of the GH series, we were able to save on this part of the cost.”

GH4s are discreetly mounted atop lamp poles lining the walking path. Their unobtrusive size and lightweight design allowed them to seamlessly blend with the antique lamp poles. On the other hand, KGEAR’s GH12 full-frequency array modular loudspeakers form the backbone of the PA system for each themed zone within the town, such as the Mulberry area, the Republic of China area, and the Families of Nanxun area. The GH12’s lightweight form factor offers flexibility in array configurations and, in turn, reduces equipment variations and overall costs. The modular design of the GH12 enables precise angle adjustments to guarantee optimised sound diffusion, even in closed-in areas. To solve the challenge of providing uninterrupted audio along the length of the ancient Grand Canal, GH12s are flown as arrays in groups of four per side along the outside of the gallery bridge. GH4s further extend sound coverage at the bridge entrances on both sides of the waterway.

The system is driven by GA series power amplifiers, which offer up to 12 channels of output within a convenient 2U form factor with remote control capabilities that enable straightforward system management. “The simplicity of the system across a variety of zones is a testament to the quality and versatility of KGEAR products,” explains Mr. Sun. "Because the system only uses two full-frequency loudspeakers, everyone feels that the installation is remarkably simple and smooth, while a high level of protection means the owners do not need to worry about damage to the equipment. Overall, we were able to keep costs low whilst still delivering impressive sound quality.”

Alongside the comprehensive audio system, a visual installation including high-lumen projectors was deployed to illuminate the beautiful facades of Nanxun’s ancient buildings along the main tourist routes. The combination of light and sound creates an atmospheric experience for visitors on night tours of the town.

Through the careful selection of durable and versatile loudspeakers from KGEAR, alongside thoughtful sound design, the end result enhances the cultural experience without detracting from the architecture and the atmosphere of the place. We’re pleased to have been part of this project in collaboration with a renowned integrator such as Dafeng, and we’re proud that the hardworking KGEAR product range has had the chance to shine in a fixed installation such as this

Jason Zhao (General Manager at K-array China)
12 x GH12
100 x GH4
1 x GS218
34 x GA43
7 x GA46