New Generation Festival

In August 2018, the second edition of the New Generation Festival was held in the lush garden of the prestigious Palazzo Corsini al Prato in Florence. The opera, theater and music festival is the brainchild of three young English creatives, Maximilian Fane, Roger Granville and Frankie Parham, with the aim of breaking down the barriers between generations and musical genres by providing a platform for young talents from all over the world. Because the program featured traditional operatic works that were originally created to be naturally-amplified in an enclosed theater, a unique audio system setup and innovative technical strategies were required since the event was hosted en plein air in one of the most fascinating and inaccessible private gardens of Florence. 

Organizers appointed rental company PowerRent to tackle this challenge with the caveat that the speakers remain invisible and ensure that the difference in amplification go unnoticed. Together with distributor Exhibo, they determined that K-array best fit the needs laid out by the venue and mounted a main LCR system consisting of four line array clusters each with 2 Python-KP102 subtly oriented to generate a sound beam that reached the audience but only marginally touched the stage. Pythons were also responsible for the front fill and side fill, covering the seats closest to the stage and creating spatial effects. Kobra-KK102 line arrays were flown on the towers placed behind the public which generated an extremely natural reverberation and was really almost imperceptible which left a lasting impression.

Much of this year’s success is owed to K-array and Exhibo. The quality of the sound equipment has been absolutely wonderful and we will definitely use them next year as well.

Frankie Parham (Festival Co-founder)