Pier 5

Pier 5, a premier entertainment venue at Bayside Marketplace, has recently installed a comprehensive system featuring K-array products. The project, which was carried out by Miami based audiovisual company DRVCS AV, aimed to enhance the sound quality and coverage of the outdoor venue’s three bars, stage, and games deck.

The new audio system consists of six Kayman-KY102 line array speakers on that stage, which deliver clear and powerful sound for the live events; two Thunder-KS5P I subwoofers and eight Thunder-KS3P I subwoofers, for a deep and immersive bass experience. Throughout the two bars and game deck area, 10 Python-KP102 I and 10 Python-KP52 I line array elements were installed, offering precise and uniform sound dispersion throughout the two bars and game deck. The entire system is powered by three K-array Kommander-KA208 amplifiers, which provide complete control over the loudspeakers with the K-array Connect mobile app that provides a user-friendly interface for remote control of the DSP main parameters and easy configuration of the signal routing.

K-array speakers are inherently IP-rated for weather resistance however, the open-air tropical climate at Pier 5 called for an extra layer of protection. A custom marine-grade treatment was ordered to enhance protection against salt corrosion and humidity. This goes beyond standard IP ratings to ensure optimal performance and longevity in Miami's unique tropical climate.

“We are very proud to have been chosen by Breakwater Hospitality Group and Pier 5 to upgrade their audio system with K-array solutions,” said Rusty Waite K-array USA President. “We believe that our products are the perfect fit for this venue, as they combine high performance, reliability, and aesthetics. We are confident that the new audio system will enhance the guest experience and create a memorable impression on the Miami entertainment scene.”