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The Capture-KMC20V is an incredibly thin line array microphone with 8 x 4 mm cardiod capsules for vertical setup resulting in a wide registration on the horizontal plane.

The Capture vertical base is shaped from a block of brass using a lathe and a milling cutter. It consists of three concentric cylinders truncated at 28°. The thin microphone frame is fastened to the base with a brass sphere which regulates the orientation of the mic. By tightening the upper ring, it is possible to lock the ball connector and consequently the microphone in the desired position. The possible inclinations with respect to the base support surface range from 90 ° to 145 °.

More information about the Capture line

capture features
Visually Discreet

For architectural reasons, a visually discreet audio system may be required to integrate seamlessly with the layout without compromising sound quality.



We created a portfolio complete with lightweight products that are easy to transportation and quick to setup optimizing logistics, space, labor costs and time.



Pure Array Technology

Composed of closely-spaced, full-range sound sources, our line array elements feature demonstrate pure line array characteristics.


Minimal Variation of Gain

Due to its line array characteristics, our microphones featuring Pure Array Technology show a minimal variation of gain with distance.


Minimal Variation image
Narrow Vertical Polar Pattern

Very wide in the horizontal plane, a single microphone can pick up more people and gives maximum freedom of movement to the right and left without volume fluctuations.


Narrow Vertical Image


Technical Specification

  • Transducer Type 8 x 4mm electret condenser
  • Frequency Response 80 – 15000 Hz
  • Polar pattern Cardioid array
  • Max Input Sound Level (@ 1kHz-1Pa THD<10%): 105dB SPL
  • Sensitivity (@ 1kHz): -37dBV ±4dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (@ 1kHz-1Pa A-weighted curved): 55dB
  • Polarity Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 with respect to pin 3 (1)
  • Current consumption 7mA
  • Connector Three-pin professional audio (XLR), male
  • Case Black ruthenium-plated brass
  • Phantom Supply Voltage 36 to 52 Vdc, (+) pins 2 and 3 (1)
  • Dimensions 6 x 6 x 226 mm (0,24 x 0,24 x 8,90 inch)
  • Weight 0,032 kg (0,07 lb)
  • Notes for data:

    1. Referred to the XLR connector of the included preamplifier

    New materials and design are introduced into existing products without previous notice. Present systems may differ in some respects from those presented in this catalogue.