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Ultra-mini earbuds

Designed by our engineers with over 25 years of experience in the world of live professional audio, the Duetto is a set of ultra-mini, high quality alumium alloy earbuds with a Kevlar cable.

Unlike the classic earphones that are included with the purchase of most smartphones and mp3 players which do not enter the ear canal and instead sit at the base, the Duetto in-ear headphones penetrate the external auditory canal and transfer the sound pressure towards the eardrum.

The 6mm neodymium transducer provides an ideal acoustic compression with a full-bodied sound output with a lot of presence, isolating the eardrum sealing off outside noise from the mutual relationship that is created between the earphone and the eardrum - exactly how our loudspeakers function where the sound box is separated from the external environment.

With such efficiency, sound fidelity, compactness and quality materials, the Duetto is the smallest set of ear buds on the market to have these performance characteristics which remain consistent with the high standards of K-array products.

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Kevlar Cable

By using a heat-resistant and strong synthetic Kevlar fiber cable, the earbuds are resistant to splintering and fraying and remain tangle-free.



We created a portfolio complete with lightweight products that are easy to transportation and quick to setup optimizing logistics, space, labor costs and time.



Clear, In-Ear Audio

Crisp, quality sound thanks to the earbuds that penetrate the external auditory canal and transfer the sound pressure towards the eardrum.



With an ideal acoustic compression and a full-bodied sound output produced by the transducers, the eardrum is isolated sealing off outside noise.


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