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Alsónémedi Theater

Alsónémedi Theater

Auditoriums and Concert Halls

  • Alsónémedi is a township of 5,000 residents in the vicinity of Budapest, Hungary where inhabitants have preserved their strong traditions for generations making it a cultural hotspot for both the citizens and visitors from afar.
  • As a top priority, the local government decided to renovate the town's cultural center to provide a new home to the local theater, library and museum.
  • The new theater became the most important aspect during planning with the aim of accommodating the highest level of service for cultural events, concerts and plays which required durable, long-term AV solutions.
  • For the sound system , the township council decided to employ K-array, which fulfilled all the requirements and expectations.
  • In the hall that seats 150, a system of Kobras – both KK52 and KK102 models – were installed and paired with 2 passive Thunder-KMT18P subs, all powered by 2 Kommander-KA24 amplifiers from the technical room.
  • The subwoofers were incased in the wall bordering the stage, while the high-frequency speakers were mounted on the side wall with K-WALL2L wall brackets.
  • The Kobras in SPOT coverage serve the height of both sitting and standing guests, while the 110º horizontal coverage provides balanced direct sound in the entire auditorium.
  • Amplifiers can be accessed via a direct ethernet connection from both the control position and the stage, taking advantage of their Dante compatibility.
  • Next year's plans include the expanding the K-array system to surround sound, for which the cabling arrangements have already been completed.
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We are confident that the professional stage technology implemented will give the locals and visitors a lot of pleasure and provide a high-quality audio-visual experience.

Dr. Vilmos NagyBRV Audio, Integrator
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