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CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel

CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel

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  • The Park Bosphorus Hotel Istanbul, one of Turkey's most luxurious historic buildings, is a deluxe hotel that boasts the country's largest presidential suite and features intricately designed and decorated dining areas, multi-functional event ballrooms, meeting rooms and, overlooking the Bosphorus River, a 4,500-m² terrace.
  • During rennovations, the hotel decided to update its sound system with the very best audio system throughout the entire building.
  • The biggest challenge for distributor Lotus Technologies was working alongside the owners' trusted interior designer who had dismissed a number of audio products previously, however he was immediately drawn to K-array's compact design as well as the sound quality.
  • In the banquet room, 16 Python-KP102 and 36 Kobra-KK52 were installed around the edges of the interiors supported by 8 Thunder-KMT21P, 12 KF12MT and 8 Thunder-KMT12P as the subwoofers.
  • The team also installed 40 Anakonda-KAN200 speakers to snakes around the pillars and curves of the room, along with 3 Pinnace-KR202 systems for DJ setups, speech applications and the conference facilities. The entire room was powered by 4 Kommander-KA84 Class D amplifiers.
  • For the main restaurant, 64 Kobra-KK50W were accompanied by 8 Thunder-KMT12P subwoofers and powered by 3 Kommander-KA84 amplifiers.
  • For the rooftop cafe, 50 Anakonda-KAN200 were installed to hide around the top frame of the open sides to not obtrude the views of the city. The system here was supported by 6 Thunder-KMT12 and 2 Kommander-KA84 amplifiers.
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The reason why K-array has been installed so often in Istanbul is the clear quality of sound in a compact size, it’s simple yet powerful. The designer was exceptionally keen to find a speaker that would not obtrude the marvellous architecture of the building and new features but hard to please.

Oktay KaraşoğluLotus Teknoloji
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Distributor: Lotus

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