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Dynamo Camp Children's Rehab Center

Dynamo Camp Children's Rehab Center

Boardrooms and Conference Rooms

  • A recreational therapy camp hosts a range of activities to ailing children free of charge.
  • Required an audio system capable of relocating to the different areas of the campus, i.e., cafeteria, gym, or outdoor events.
  • Setup began in the conference room with vaulted ceilings and no acoustic treatment. With more than 6s of reverberation time, the intelligibility was so poor that normal conversations were difficult.
  • A solution that avoids sending sound towards the ceiling was vital which is why PAT line array elements were selected.
  • The team decided upon a hybrid portable speaker system melding components of a Pinnacle-KR202 and a Pinnacle-KR102.
  • The smaller, 12” portable subwoofer speaker had enough power to drive the audio system, ideal for spoken word.
Camp Dynamo 6

When we switched on the system in front of the client and we started talking into a microphone, he couldn’t believe the words were so clear. Having strongly reduced the reflections from the ceiling, listening to the speaker was finally a pleasure.

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