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General Assembly of Accountants Convention

General Assembly of Accountants Convention

Auditoriums and Concert Halls

  • The General Assembly of the Councils of Chartered Accountants and Accountants' Orders is an annual meeting for members of the association to discuss relevant sector topics.
  • The event is organized in two sessions with the first session of the 2017 edition moderated by famed Italian journalist Franco Di Mare, and included a report by the national president of the category, Massimo Miani, who addressed issues related to fiscal and categorical current affairs.
  • The second session in the afternoon was dedicated to the internal debate between the National Council and the delegates with interventions of the political and institutional authorities.
  • The convention is held at the La Nuvola in Roma which is a spacious 8,000-seat convention center designed by Massimiliano Fuksas, with 30 meeting rooms. The scenic heart of the project, is the Auditorium which seats 1,750.
  • Rental company Planet Service was responsible for providing the AV of the convention and decided upon a powerful Firenze-KH7 system for its short rigging time, its Electronic Beam Steering capabilities that allowed them to cover the entire auditorium with even sound without having to bend the line array.
  • The system is also self-powered which elimated the need for additional amplifiers to drive the system and maintained a clean look since no additional cables were required.
  • The main PA consisted of a cluster of 3 vertical hanging Firenze-KH7 line arrays per side.
  • The front fill was comprised of 16 Kobra-KK102 arranged horizontally along the edge of the stage to create a long line array with pure array caracteristics meaning that is very narrow on the horizontal plane and very wide on the vertical plane. The Kobras were paired with 4 Thunder-KMT18 subwoofers per side to provide the low frequencies and drive the front fill.
  • Onstage monitoring was covered by 4 Mastiff-KM312 low profile speakers.
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