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Mr. & Mrs. Bund Modern Eatery

Mr. & Mrs. Bund Modern Eatery

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  • Top restaurant Mr. & Mrs. Bund is located in a historic 19th century building in Shanghai with a 2,700-cubic meter dining room run by world renown chef, Paul Pairet.
  • A K-array system of Kobras was installed when the french eatery first opened in 2018 to match the excellence of the cuisine.
  • System requirments were smooth, ample sound during dining hours, then more powerful acoustics for DJ setups, parties and private events later in the evening.
  • Recent renovations called for more SPL so 18 Python-KP52 line arrays and 4 Rumble-KU210 compact subwoofers ensconced within the walls powered by 4 Kommander-KA24 amplifiers were added.
  • The system, which covers the long length of the dining room uniformly because of its PAT technology, is nearly invisible and blends into the architecture of the restaurant elegantly.
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The food is amazing, the wine is high-quality and the audio is impeccable. It’s a great pairing in every sense of the meaning.

Marc Vincent K-array Area Sales Manager – APAC (and frequent diner at Mr. & Mrs. Bund)
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