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Prince Igor Opera at Astrakan

Prince Igor Opera at Astrakan

Concerts and Live Events

  • Challenging open-air venue in Kremlin Square
  • Astrakhan State Theatre of Opera and Ballet performed Alexander Borodin's famous opera, Prince Igor for an udience of more than 5,000 people
  • The orchestra assembled on temporary 40 x 20 m platform
  • The main PA system included two Dragon line arrays and four Thunder subwoofers.
  • Two Pinnacle-KR802 portable systems were used as delay speakers and two Pinnacle-KR102 systems were used as front fills
  • There was complete, even coverage of the entire seating area.
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The sound quality surpassed all our expectations. K-array provided crystal clear and natural sound while being compact and almost invisible! One of our major concerns was to make sure that the audience would hear the true vocals, choir and orchestra instruments as if they were in the theater without sound reinforcement and the K-array systems did more than help us meet that aim!

Vadim Scherbakov Mixart Director - South and Project Chief Sound Engineer
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Distributor: Mix Art Logo

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