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Unisinos Theater

Unisinos Theater


  • Unisinos University is a prestigious private institution with a talented orchestra.
  • Conductor Evandro Matté and a team of expert engineers custom-tailored the acoustic design for the university's new theater.
  • The multipurpose venue can seat 550 and will also host classes and seminars.
  • Matté required a powerful system for the orchestra, yet high speech intelligibility for the other applications.
  • Regardless of the application, invisibility was a must.
  • The team created a discreet system comprised of Python line arrays.
  • The system is hidden in plain view and provides uniform coverage throughout the venue.
Unisnos 3

The main challenge was the requirement that no speaker should be in the public's line of sight. K-array has the compactness we needed yet doesn't compromise the sound. I had no doubt that they were the perfect solution.

Alexandre Ostroskyproject manager
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