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Vanbarton's Balcony

Vanbarton's Balcony


  • Vanbarton Group is a privately owned, vertically integrated real estate investment and advisory firm with corporate offices located in New York City and San Francisco.
  • The New York City headquarters features an outdoor balcony that wraps around the side of the building facing Madison Avenue, one of the main streets of the Big Apple. Vanbarton Group needed a suitable sound system that could weather the elements while providing crystal clear audio without compromise. In a thriving city, a relaxing outdoor space to meet with clients is truly a luxury.
  • The balcony required full coverage for a narrow, but long outdoor space. The speakers had to be low profile and have immaculate clarity and sound to compete with the bustling city environment below. Global Audio Systems came up with a solution consisting of seventeen Python-KP52 speakers installed at the top of the balcony accompanied by six Rumble-KU212 subwoofers.
  • Visually discreet and weather-resistant, K-array sound systems provided the versatility required for this kind of installation. Owners and clients visiting the balcony love the clarity of the sound and are amazed by the amount of output that was capable.

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