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Vandal Concept Restaurant

Vandal Concept Restaurant

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  • Vandal is a bi-level concept restaurant, bar and lounge created by TAO Group showcasing works of world-renowned street artists with a globally-inspired street food menu.
  • The interior was completed by renown designers, Rockwell Group, with audio, video, lighting and effects produced by Anthem Productions.
  • One of the main objectives for TAO Group was to not only have a sound system that sounded amazing at lower volumes for dinner service, but to also have the ability to provide more powerful acoustics for the events later in the evening. However, the Rockwell Group wanted a very low profile speaker that disappeared into the environment.
  • To carry the lower end, Thunder-KMT12 subwoofers were chosen for their compact package and their output capabilities matching all full-range sections.
  • The meter-long Kobra-KK102 and half-meter Kobra-KK52 loudspeakers were wall- and ceiling-flushed for uniform coverage throughout the halls, banquets and bathrooms so that every area is covered equally.
  • The technology and design behind the speakers performed flawlessly and Anthem was able to seamlessly integrate all the components to achieve perfect results. With the final tuning and time alignment of all speaker locations, both the owners and team and Anthem were incredibly happy with the results.
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We just needed an audio system that could handle everything at virtually any time of the night, and to be the opposite of the common box look that’s typically seen in these types of venues. The Kobra has an incredibly wide dispersion pattern which provides even coverage throughout the listening field in the venue, resulting in virtually no dead spots. Its output and sound quality is unmatched in a small profile at just over 2” wide. Clean, powerful, sleek and almost invisible, the Kobra did its part with flying colors.

Joseph LodiOwner and System Designer
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