Salone dei 500

Originally built during the Renaissance, the hall measures 54 meters long by 23 meters wide and 18 meters high. It is one of the largest and most important rooms in Italy in terms of artistic and historic value. Hosts foreign dignataries, press conferences, and government, corporate and private events. Proprietors saw the need for a fixed audio system with the ability to adapt to the different occasions. Required optimal coverage, low visual impact and confronting the hall's biggest challenge: high reverberancy. The large frescoed walls, the very high ceilings and lack of specific acoustic treatment abruptly reflect sound. 

To avoid reflections, which creates a sort of rumble sound and greatly damages the intelligibility inside the room, integrators Expomeeting proposed a portable line array speaker system composed of long Kobra line arrays and 2 Thunder subwoofers. Two 3-meter columns were installed on each side of the stage to not only minimize reverberation, but also effectively cover the entire salon, despite its 50m in length, And for proper monitoring for guest speakers or performers on the stage, two additional Kobra line array speakers were installed vertically behind the main system.

All parties were quite pleased with the installation. The integrators felt the column arrays are the perfect setup for the room. And the Kobras meet all the clients requirements needed to make the installation a success!

Daniele Mochi (Project Consultant)