Restaurants and Cafes

Diners expect not only a good meal, but also a pleasant experience. Remarkably to chefs, audio plays a significant role.

Food is a obviously a big part of a positive dining experience, but the atmosphere of the venue is not any less important. The acoustic of the venue carries more weight than most owner of restaurants think. When diners aren’t able to communicate with each other because of strong reverberations of other conversations and other noise sources, like utensils, dishes and glasses clinking, reflecting off the wall and the ceiling, the entire experience is compromised. At K-array, when we approach the design of a sound system for a dining establishment, we take all these aspects in into consideration. Our Pure Array Technology line array elements guarantee a uniform sound pressure level in the distance meaning that not only the people sitting furthest from the speakers can hear it clearly but also the people sitting closest to the speakers are not disturbed.

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